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I logged back into EVE Online after a hiatus of nearly a year and started taking stock of my assets. They were in surprisingly good shape, actually. It only took one short haul in an industrial ship to get all of my belongings concentrated into two spots: my mining barge and industrial blueprints at my top-secret production based somewhere in Amarr Empire space, and everything else at Jita, awaiting a fittings review and moving on to wherever it is I decide to call home.

In the meantime, I played a few rounds of the new Project Discovery mini-game. CCP have teamed up with Reykjavik University to gamify some real-world science. Players identify protein structures in high resolution images of human cells, and in the process, provide valuable metadata for the Human Protein Atlas database (and earn some ISK on the side).

Screenshot 2016-03-31 18.43.25

It’s a pretty fun diversion, and helped pass the time as I flew my industrial across several jumps. I’m not doing too badly at it — I’ve managed to drag my accuracy up to 60% from the 50% it starts out at; each success or failure adjusts it slightly. I don’t see how it’s an actual percentage, given that it starts floating at 50%, rather than being 100% the moment you get the first one right and going from there, but maybe I’m missing some crucial mathematical insight here. The ISK payouts are minimal, but I’m also earning “Analysis Kredits” that might cash out to something useful eventually.

My next step is to work out what I’m going to do, which is largely to take a leaf out of the EVE Hermit‘s playbook and settle down to some solo play. I’m thinking three main goals:

  • Find a quiet-ish highsec base from which to work on corporation standings with an RP-appropriate group and work towards unlocking level 4 missions. I’m considering both Republic Security Services and the Republic Justice Department. I’d like to somehow get my Minmatar embroiled with the Bloody Hand of Matar, and they both seem like a good step in that direction.
  • Continue to mine and do blueprint research. I really like the quiet of a slow session mining, and the income is nice. To spice it up a bit, I also want to take some Expedition and the (new to me) Endurance frigates into dangerous w-space or null territories via wormholes to see what I can get away with ninja-mining.
  • Set up some Planetary Interaction colonies to provide more income and to experiment with creating higher-tier goods.
I love the beta map so much.
I love the beta map so much.

I think that’s more than enough for now. I’m going try and take notes and plenty of screenshots along the way, and hopefully some sort of narrative will arise from my actions; EVE is just ripe for casual RP. It’s been a while since I was last in space but I’m really enjoying being back.

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