Lucifer’s Hammer

A chance encounter in space led to a conversation which lead to a corporation application, and now I’m happily settling back into life as a miner and producer for Lucifer’s Hammer, part of the A Band Apart alliance. I’ve been in the Hammer before, and really enjoyed my time there, so it’s good to be back “home”. I know in my last post I said I was going to give the solo lifestyle a try, but really, the offer to rejoin Lucifer’s Hammer was too good to pass up. They let me do all of the things I was interested in doing and more, plus they have a wonderful group of players (Starfire Dai in particular has been so supportive and helpful while I find my feet), plus excellent logistics and production programmes.

Propaganda by the insanely talented Rixx Javix
Propaganda by the insanely talented Rixx Javix

So far I’ve moved my relevant ships into their systems, done a little mining, and some Tech I production for their inventors to use. I’ve also accidentally embezzled (and returned!) a billion ISK worth of assets, but the less said about that the better.

It feels good to be back being productive, and in such a supportive environment. Given how the life of the lowly miner is often looked down upon in EVE, Lucifer’s Hammer is well respected within the more (generally) PvP-focused ABA, with Rixx once writing:

I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for those players that choose to be the builders, the traders, the miners, the workers in Eve. It is often a hard choice and one full of its own set of dangers. And excitement. And achievement. Not everything in Eve boils down to killboard stats.

…which I’ve really taken to heart. MMOs work best when you have a good core of folks to experience them with.

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