FF5FJF2016: Stop, thief!

It’s that time of year again — the Final Fantasy Four Job Fiesta challenges me to complete Final Fantasy V with some strange conditions applied, and donate some cash to Child’s Play if I make it through.

I completed the Fiesta for the first time last year, and really enjoyed the process, so of course I’m trying again this year. 2016 introduced a new challenge mode, which I’m giving a try:


Ooh, new and shiny jobs! Why, your heroes are so excited, whenever they get a new job, that’s all they want to use!

Every time I’m randomly assigned a new job by GILGABOT by reaching a new crystal in the story — that’s the only job I can use. I am allowed to equip cross-job skills I’ve previously unlocked, so this means before every crystal dungeon I need to make sure I’ve levelled everyone far enough that they have any skills unlocked I want to use in future. I foresee a lot of grinding over this run.

The most important detail to get right in any FFV playthrough
The most important detail to get right in any FFV playthrough

So far, Buttz and the gang have been assigned Thief from the Wind Crystal, and I’ve battled my way through to Castle Walse. It was a bit of a rough start as a party of thieves, compounded by the fact that only two of my characters had an equippable weapon, with no daggers for sale anywhere. I eventually picked up a couple as drops by farming the skeletons in the ship graveyard, and then things started to go a little smoother.


My next steps will be to level up a little further in the Walse area, before tackling the Walse Tower and the boss, Garula, which will trigger my next change of jobs. I want to have !Mug unlocked by then, and to stock up on potions and phoenix downs before attempting the tower, but I’m still pretty confident at this point.

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