Yoshimi battles the pink robots

The musical education seems to have fizzled out — hey, I’m a great believer in living in the unfinished — but I wanted to share this. It’s a chiptune remix of Yoshimi battles the pink robots (part 2) by The Flaming Lips.

Being a massive geek, chiptunes are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I got this one from a site called 8bc, which seems to have sadly disappeared. There’s a mirror being hosted at https://ns2.opencollective.cc/ but the SSL certificate is all busted and the MP3s there don’t seem to work. Luckily I had a copy saved, because I can’t find a copy anywhere else.

ANYWAY. It’s by a chap called mynerdpride and I think it’s ace.

You can download the mp3 here if you’d like a copy, or if the embedded player above doesn’t work for you.

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