Custom Skyrim follower: Erin the Warrior-Poet

I recently decided I wanted to look into creating Skyrim addons, so last weekend I downloaded the Creation Kit from Steam and followed this great tutorial on making custom followers. It all worked more-or-less perfectly, and after a bit of playtesting, I released Erin the Warrior-Poet on the Steam Workshop.

Erin is a new follower based in the Drunken Huntsman, in Whiterun. She uses one-handed weapons, heavy armour, and some fire destruction magic. Her level will match with the player between levels 10 and 80. There’s no prerequisite quest or cost to go adventuring with her, just ask her to begin following you.

Erin is equipped with a set of orcish armor, and an enchanted orcish sword, which makes her ideal for mid-to-late game play. She’s also marked as “essential”, so while she will need a moment to heal up if she takes a lot of damage, she will not die.

I was really quite pleasantly surprised how easy it was, and how many people subscribed! A new follower is not that complicated to implement – I’d like to try using the Radiant Story system later – but I wanted to make something self-contained that I could create, test and release in one weekend, and I’m really happy with Erin the Warrior-Poet as my first Skytim addon.

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