Butts, Maps and Naps: a year in Waypoint

A year ago, I started playing World of Warcraft again. I’d been looking around for a new guild and a fresh start, and Rezznul invited me to <Waypoint> on Medivh. I created a new US account and started levelling a restoration druid, and I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made in-game. I’m going to say this upfront and centre: Waypoint is the best guild I’ve ever been involved in, and the people there have given me back the love I have for this game. Thank you, Snacks, for creating and maintaining such a great place.

In-character mail when I first joined, which arrived with gold and bags and some enchants.
In-character mail when I first joined, which arrived with gold and bags and some enchants. Waypoint have always made me feel incredibly welcome.

The Pandaria campaign was already well underway, and by the time I reached level 90, the Timeless Isle was freshly available for gearing up, so I hit that (with some help from Rezz and Zable killing things) and then LFR, starting at the beginning and working my way through the tiers. I know there’s a lot of negative feeling towards LFR — or maybe just the people who use it — but I’m grateful for it. It scratches my raiding itch when I can’t always devote a lot of time to it, and it’s let me see content I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Guardian of Cenarius, Champion of Waypoint
Guardian of Cenarius, Champion of Waypoint

Flex appeal

I got invited to come along for the newly available Flex Siege of Orgrimmar raid as a healer, and after a couple of weeks I felt like I was getting pretty decent at it. I didn’t join Waypoint with the intention of raiding, so it’s been gratifying to find a place on the team.

Waypoint hanging out on dragons, waiting for raid night (24 Jan 2014)… the servers had all gone down and logging back in was proving difficult.
Waypoint hanging out on dragons, waiting for raid night (24 Jan 2014)… the servers had all gone down and logging back in was proving difficult.

Raiding with Waypoint has been a great experience. There are timezone complications, what with them being in the US and me in the UK, but nothing a little nap after work can’t solve: the slo-train to Nappington.

I owe a lot to Rezz and Catulla for making me part of the heal team. There’s always been a great atmosphere, and I never feel bad owning up to my mistakes: for example, I’ll admit I was a bit slow off the mark learning how to poop bombs effectively during the Spoils of Pandaria encounter. I feel like I’ve really learnt my class and (some) raid situational awareness.

Proving my worth.
Proving my worth. I’d like to get Endless finished before 6.0 hits.

I am Legend

I also picked up the legendary questline and slowly started chipping away at it. I killed hundreds of Mogu Animated Warriors with Abelard to grind Black Prince reputation:

“Abelard informed me he was heading out to the Isle of Thunder regardless. Something about needing to do a few favors with Scruff for some ‘annoying kid’ he’d met. A couple of crates of mogu remains, I told them, if they had time. Half a dozen at most. I swear it.” Cat pried open one of the crates with her dagger, shivering as dust and pebbles trickled from it onto the floor. “I didn’t think they’d bring back this much for me!”

From “On Geology“, by Catulla.

Cat and I started Watermelon Raiding — running through LFR on a Tuesday night — and Ilanielle started coming regularly, too. As well as cementing new friendships and being an excellent way to spend an evening after work, this helped me finish off the legendary questline and complete my cloak:

Legendary cloak

Finishing my legendary questline was the last major goal I had for Mists. So where does that leave me, a year later?

The future is savage

I’ve achieved almost everything I wanted to in Mists. I’d like to get the Proven Healer title before 6.0 arrives, which is just a matter of practice and perseverance. The [Helm of the Haunted Forest] refuses to drop in LFR; my transmog may never be complete. I’d like our weekly Flex group to take down Garrosh, but I’m happy with my own personal progression.

I think it’s fair to say the news coming out about Warlords of Draenor is mixed at best, but I’m trying to remain optimistic throughout the end-of-expac slump. The only thing to do is wait and see.

I’m in a guild I love. I’ve made new friends, and we’re addressing the internet dragon problem, or just writing WoW-themed lyrics to the tune of ABBA songs, or encouraging each other to eat relentless stroganoff, or writing we’re-not-an-RP-guild fanfiction, or coming up with yet another confusing in-joke on Twitter. And really, that’s the most important thing.

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