Simple northern folk

Dave Windass has a great post up at his blog about Hull City AFCs oh-so-close attempt on the FA cup last weekend, and the wider issue of perceptions of this City of Culture to-be:

But, again, the same problem. Oh, haven’t we done well? Aren’t we getting better at things? We’re not bad for simple northern folk. We should tell more people about Hull and what it’s got. Aw, they know how to put on a show. This is annoying. Patronising. There’s a reason why we’re UK City of Culture 2017. It’s because we’ve grown over the past few decades into a cultural hotbed. We’ve got an amazing history. There has always been a lot going on around here. But now, there is more than ever. We deserve the attention, our artists (in the broadest sense) deserve to be noticed nationally and internationally. But we’re doing this on our terms. What is so very unique about Hull is that we are brilliant despite our reluctance to follow, sheep like, everywhere else in the country. We’re not negative just because of the sake of it or because we’re lacking in confidence but because that undercutting ability to self-deprecate is part of our superb sense of humour. We don’t not shout because we’re ashamed of how good we are but because we don’t want to be over-run by trend-following arseholes coming here and ruining it. 

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