EVE beginner’s reading list

Brutus Wellforge of SSFC, Inc.

My EVE character, Brutus, has just over 5 million skill points, which might sound like a lot but which really makes him a complete baby in the gerontocracy that is New Eden.

Most of his skill points are in mining and industry, with some in combat skills to fly Amarr ships, and I’m quite certain I haven’t learnt things in an optimal way. My faction standings are all over the place, and I’m in an odd pocket of Gallente space bordering low-sec and I can’t really remember why I’m there. So you could say I count myself as a beginner, too.

Absolutely indispensible and always my first stop for an overview of a subject. Not only are all the ships, items, agents and skills described, but there’s useful guides for pilots of all levels.

Almost essential for building and executing a long-term plan. Between EVEMon and EVE Droid on my phone, I almost feel like I know what I’m doing most of the time.

Battleclinic loadouts
Well worth a look when deciding how to fit a new ship.

EVE regions maps [pdf]
It’s easy to get lost in spaaaaace.

/r/EVE subreddit
Yes, it’s Reddit, but there’s usually some useful threads and inspiring screenshots in here.

CCP dev blogs
I really love how in-detail some of these are. Sometimes there’s graphs! And tables! And if you’re really lucky, maps!

The main hashtag used by the twitter EVE community. Lots of RP, links to blog posts and gossip. Looks like lots of people maintain an in-character twitter account.

Greedy Goblin
Remember when Gevlon was a snotty antagonist in the WoW blogging community? Now he’s found a home in EVE, fighting an endless economic war of attrition against the Goons, and I guess I can get behind that. His style definitely compliments EVE so much better than WoW ever did.

Low Sec Lifestyle
Great blog by “a bif of a pirate” living full-time in low sec space.

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