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Shakespearean sonnets, remixed

Last week, Matt the Suited Librarian challenged me to write a bit of code to automagically generate Shakespearean sonnets. Well, perhaps challenged is a bit strong — the idea came up in conversation, and I leapt at the idea. It’s been a while since I coded anything new. First of all, I had to find a complete collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets,… Read more →

Blaugust #21: a clockwork universe

Really good sci-fi should take the universe, give it a twist of what-if, and use the result to examine our societies, issues and lives through that new distorted lens. There’s no denying the universe presented in Greg Egan’s The Clockwork Rocket certainly does that. After squeezing and prodding the old man all over with more hands than most people used in… Read more →


Amy Sackville’s Orkney is a complicated, beautiful, poetic book that made me feel very uncomfortable, but very glad that I’d read it. It features a classic unreliable narrator, and it’s very difficult to discuss without spoiling anything; the threads of the plot and the ambiguity of the ending are all dependant on, and tainted by, the subjective view of our narrator, Richard.… Read more →