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Shakespearean sonnets, remixed

Last week, Matt the Suited Librarian challenged me to write a bit of code to automagically generate Shakespearean sonnets. Well, perhaps challenged is a bit strong — the idea came up in conversation, and I leapt at the idea. It’s been a while since I coded anything new. First of all, I had to find a complete collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets,… Read more →

IntPiPoMo begins!

Chestnut at Gamer Girl Confessions is running this year’s International Picture Posting Month,  a companion for the long-running #NaNoWriMo. November also contains the Procedural Generation Jam — a game jam that encourages you to “make something that makes something”. Plus, RPG Maker MV just launched; so I’m kind of in a perfect storm of factors pushing me to make something. My goal is to… Read more →