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The cycle never ends

My friend Matt (the “suited librarian“) found this webcomic by Christian Palmer-Smith yesterday and it pretty much sums up my Diablo III experience at the moment: I’ve picked up two pieces of the Seeker of the Light set for my crusader, which means he’s now wearing those and two of the Thorns of the Invoker set, which has led to a strange hybrid thorns-and-hammers… Read more →

Greater Rift 45

The other night I cracked Greater Rift 45 (which is equivalent to Torment X, the highest selectable difficulty level) with my Witch Doctor, Omorose. It wasn’t actually all that tough, and I’m definitely getting better at the twitch of avoiding projectiles and effects; pretty much every attack made by an enemy is an instant-death for me now. I know a pair… Read more →