Turns out someone with more time and technical prowess than I has targeted this blog for some fun and games — spammy links inserted here and there, and some posts replaced entirely. I’ve gone through things and I think I’ve tided up; changed passwords, made sure everything is patched and up to date. Still, frustrating.

Starving in the woods

I recently picked up a Playstation 4 as an early birthday present to myself, and yesterday I started playing Don’t Starve: Console Edition. It’s great, but it’s brutal. Don’t Starve presents you with a new procedurally generated world on each playthrough, with permanent death when you finally succumb to starvation, injury or insanity. I love it. You start out with nothing, and… Read more →

Lucifer’s Hammer

A chance encounter in space led to a conversation which lead to a corporation application, and now I’m happily settling back into life as a miner and producer for Lucifer’s Hammer, part of the A Band Apart alliance. I’ve been in the Hammer before, and really enjoyed my time there, so it’s good to be back “home”. I know in my last post… Read more →

Back to New Eden

I logged back into EVE Online after a hiatus of nearly a year and started taking stock of my assets. They were in surprisingly good shape, actually. It only took one short haul in an industrial ship to get all of my belongings concentrated into two spots: my mining barge and industrial blueprints at my top-secret production based somewhere in… Read more →